“Loved by citizens, working for citizens” means that we extensively contribute to the lives of people worldwide through manufacturing of products that are loved and trusted by citizens.

CITIZEN Group Environmental Initiatives

In April 2013, we revised the CITIZEN Group Environmental Policy and established the CITIZEN Group Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2018 based on this policy. Our purpose was to promote environmental action from a global perspective and further strengthen Group environmental management.
To reinforce environmental governance and conduct environmental activities in a more efficient and effective manner, in October 2014 we transitioned to consolidated Group certification under ISO 14001, thereby putting in place a single system for the entire Group. With this new Group environmental management system, the Group is joining its forces to “Environmentally friendly approach to improving brand value,” “help to prevent global warming and achieve a recycling-oriented society,” and “respond to global environmental laws and regulations.” We have expanded our initiatives to overseas group companies since 2016.

CITIZEN Group Environmental Policy

1.Basic approach

Based on our philosophy of "Loved by citizens, working for citizens." through business activities that take into consideration people around the world and the global environment, we contribute to a citizen-based sustainable society in which people can enjoy life with a sense of security and fulfillment.

2.Environmental action guidelines

The CITIZEN Group undertakes concerted Group-wide global environmental preservation measures as a global companyto contribute to realization ofthe development of a sustainable society.

  1. Endeavor to preserve the global environment by undertaking environmentally friendly manufacturing and providing environmentally conscious products and services to consumers.
  2. Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, rules, agreements, and other requirements and work to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  3. Reduce energy consumption, conduct resource saving and recycling and proper chemical management at all plants and offices, and contribute to the prevention of global warming and the creation of a recycling-oriented society.
  4. Cooperate with suppliers and other business partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, effectively useresources, and reinforce management of chemical substances in products.
  5. Enhance communication and harmony with communities through participation in community-based environmental and biodiversity preservation programs and proactive disclosure of information relating to environmental initiatives.
  6. Distribute documents and take other measures to ensure that all employees and others who work with the Group are familiar with this policy.

We set environmental objectives and targets in accordance with this policy, work steadily towards those objectives and targets, assess and review them, and make continual improvements.

Promotion of Environmental Management

Citizen Electronics and its affiliates have put into place an environmental management promotion system to promote the implementation of comprehensive and practical initiatives to protect the environment.

Environmental Management Promotion System

Environmental Management Promotion System

Details of ISO14001 certifications acquired (August 1, 2008)

Environmental Management System

Place Specification Certifying Registration date
CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. (Headquarters) ISO14001:2015 BVC 1999/12/25
JIANGXING ELECTRONICS LTD. (China) ISO14001:2015 BSI 2009/08/10

Concern for the Environment at All Stages of the Product Life Cycle

Protecting the environment and preventing pollution are top priorities at all stages of the product life cycle, including design, development, raw procurement, production, and shipping.

Concern for the Environment at All Stages of the Product Life Cycle

Green Procurement

Information on Green Procurement

Citizen Electronics has recognized that the environmental protection issue is one of the most important agendas shared by the entire human race and as a result we promote 'Environment-Friendly Activities' and 'Supply of Environment-Friendly Products' when we conduct our corporate activities. In manufacturing environment-friendly products, the importance of upstream management in controlling environment-affecting substances (hazardous chemical substances) increases and we need to strengthen further green procurement.
We sincerely appreciate your continued understanding of both the main purpose and contents of Citizen Electronics Green Procurement and look forward to your further cooperation.

"Green Procurement Standard" revised in revised in August 9, 2019

Green Procurement Standard,
Ver. 13
Appendix I Banned substances

Environmental Survey Forms

Non-Use of environment-affecting
substances to be controlled Certificate,

Explanation for entry to be submitted to Citizen Electronics Co., LTD.


Environmental Management Activity Survey Form

As required, the Purchasing Division will send the forms separately.

Other individual substance survey forms

As required, the forms will be sent separately.

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