“Loved by citizens, working for citizens” means that we extensively contribute to the lives of people worldwide through manufacturing of products that are loved and trusted by citizens.


The Citizen Group’s corporate philosophy stating that “Loved by citizens, working for citizens” means that we extensively contribute to the lives of people worldwide through manufacturing of products that are loved and trusted by citizens. We aim to promote the realization of the corporate philosophy by engaging in CSR activities.

Code of Conduct

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CSR Promotion System

The Citizen Group's CSR activities are promoted by the "CSR Committee" under the ultimate authority of the president of Citizen Holdings, after the Citizen group moved to a pure holding company system. As a department devoted exclusively to CSR under the direct control of the president, the CSR Department functions as secretariat of the CSR Committee. We have also established the "Citizen Group CSR Promotion Committee" consisting of chief personnel in charge of CSR selected from each company as a cross-functional of the group. In addition, each group company has established a CSR committee and promoted CSR activities, respectively. There are also various special committees to promote cooperation among group companies with regard to various issues on specialized areas.

CSR Promotion Framework

CSR Promotion Framework

Citizen Electronics CSR Promotion Framework

Citizen Electronics CSR Promotion Framework

Compliance / Risk Management System

As a priority of its CSR activities, the Group advances compliance-related risk management. Through educational training, vigorous teamwork, positive corporate culture, and sensitivity on compliance are cultivated, and we promote lively debate and free discussion regardless of job classification. A "videotape on CSR and Compliance" is shown in training for new employees and new managers. In addition, we continue to promote and raise consciousness of compliance through various measures such as: introducing general cases of compliance in a house journal, raising caution about cases of compliance occurred in other companies on the internal website, conducting a questionnaire on CSR to employees at the end of each year and posting the result.

Internal Reporting System

The Citizen Group has established an internal reporting system to forestall the eventualities of violations of compliance. The "Internal Reporting System Rules" specify that whistleblowers' privacy be fully protected and that such employees not be treated unfairly. The rules also require fair and equitable investigations, opportunities for persons reported to refute the claims and reporting of the results of investigations back to the whistleblowers. Reported cases and measures for them are immediately discussed in the CSR Committee and reported to the president. Each division head takes corrective actions following an order of the president, if necessary. In order to familiarize employees with the reporting system, notes on reporting and contact information are provided on the internal website.

Provision of Truly Useful Products

With the basic concept of "smaller, thinner, and higher performance," Citizen Electronics always promotes development of products by utilizing advanced technology. Targeting creation of a low-carbon society, LEDs, which have low power consumption, long life span, and no hazardous substances such as mercury, are effective for environmental protection measures such as reduction of CO2 emissions and waste. Citizen Electronics' products are successfully used in various fields including lightbulbs, stadium lighting, information equipment such as smartphones or wearable devices, and automotive devices.

Corporate Governance

The Citizen Group endeavors to improve business value and contribute to society through sustained corporate activities in harmony with the local community and the global environment. In order to pursue such a corporate objective continually, the Group recognizes that management transparency and monitoring function in its multifaceted management are important and works to enhance corporate governance.