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High-power UVC LED assembly for disinfection

■Main characteristics
・Time for disinfection is reduced by effective and uniform illuminance through a reflector
・Adopts a deep ultraviolet LED with 265 nm wavelength which has a high germicidal effect
・Irradiation over a wide area from a short distance with high efficiency
・A product with dustproof and waterproof properties (equivalent to IP54)
・An ultra-high- power product with four or six LEDs

・surface disinfection
・air disinfection
・water disinfection

■Lineup of High-power UVC LED Assembly Products

Product UVM001A UVM002A UVM003A
Size 42×27×10mm 200×30×40.3mm 200×30×40.3mm
Number of LED 1 4 6
Light distribution angle Narrow / Middle / Wide Middle / Wide Middle / Wide
Peak wavelength 260~270nm

Package for lighting LEDs
“CITILED Standard COB Series Version9”

Package for lighting LEDs “CITILED Standard COB Series Version9”

■Main characteristics
1. Luminous efficacy has been improved by a maximum of 7 to 8 % Preserving the product appearance of conventional series Available in color lineups
2.Both high-current drive and reduction of chromaticity variations (2SDCM※4) are achieved

Streetlights, tunnel lights,floodlights, stadium lighting, downlights, etc.

■Mass production
Shipment is scheduled to start from October 2021

Upward-lighting multicolor LED CL-V501 Series

Upward-lighting multicolor LED CL-V501 Series

Size: W 1.6mm x L 1.4mmx H 0.55mm

Main characteristics
1.Natural white color realized by high color mixing property
2.Both high-brightness and small size are realized, and luminous efficacy per unit area is doubled

Illumination and indicators for game devices, keyboards for personal computers, home appliances, hobby goods, displays, ambient lighting for automobiles, colored lighting

Date of sale
Shipment of samples is expected to start from October 2021, and shipment of mass production from January 2022

Video library

Promotion video of Type-F

CL-V501S Series

Promotion video of lighting LEDs