Corporate Profile

Message from CEO

CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. President and CEO Kanetaka Sekiguchi

Contributing to the creation of new value through manufacture propelled by spirit for meeting a challenge.

Citizen Electronics demonstrates its ability in producing parts and modules where small precision and high accuracy are required. We have developed an electronic device business focused on LEDs, and switch business with mechatronics applications.

We will continue to supply products which customers can use without any concerns, and keep improving the quality of our products and craftsmanship as well as production efficiency to increase our credibility. Using the company’s feature of strength as a development proposal provider, and taking advantage of our ‘passion for manufacturing’ and ‘spirit for meeting a challenge’ that we have maintained since company formation, we strive to manufacture products that are unconventional and surprising. We will also develop our merits further, while maintaining a strong will to redress wrongs to make the company better.

The Citizen Group has chosen the common theme ‘Aiming to be a solid global company.’ We are further improving small precision technology cultivated through watch-making, and subsequently we will move into the automotive equipment market from the consumer market to take on new challenges with both products and quality. In addition, we put a lot of effort into adoption and development of human resources that utilize good communication skills in global markets and work actively in parallel with overseas companies in order to enhance global competitiveness.

It is our employees’ dream to keep supplying products of high value to the market. To realize this dream, we will contribute to the creation of new value through manufacture which is, in turn, propelled by each individual employee’s “spirit for meeting a challenge.”

Kanetaka Sekiguchi
President and CEO