The next generation light source that pursues high efficacy,
point source and quality of light.
Contributes to realization of luminaires with excellent appearance.

Lighting LED

CITILED Standard COB Series

General lighting COB with superior output, efficacy and reliability
Diverse lineup for various applications ( CCT, CRI, Light output )
Compatible with existing series ( Dimensions, die configuration )

COB シリーズ Version9 Type-F
COB シリーズ Version9 Type-Y
COB シリーズ Version9

CITILED High Intensity COB Series

High power point source suitable for applications that require narrow beam angle
Achieves the world's highest class lumen density
A wide variety of LES diameter lineup 2.4mm to 13mm 8 sizes
Contributes to miniaturization of luminaires

COB High Intensity Type Version4 Type-F
COB High Intensity Type Version4
COB High Intensity Type Version3

CITILED Linear COB Series

Linear COB with narrower LES achieving more light output than can be realized by conventional technology
Achieves various light distribution controls and miniaturization of luminaires
Best for light guide plates by narrow LES ( Suitable for luminaires with light guide )
Seamless, reduction of dark area when connecting multiple COB

CITILED Linear COB Series


Beautiful and enriched high color quality light
Possible to reproduce the color at low illuminance
Brilliant focusing on color chroma and Natural focusing on color saturation
Lineup of both COB and SMD

CITILED VIVID シリーズ Brilliant
CITILED VIVIDシリーズ High Intensity COB Natural Type

CITILED Color COB Series

High heat dissipation and high output COB using aluminum substrate
Maintaining dimensional compatibility with the Standard COB series

CITILED Amner color COB
CITILED Blue color COB

CITILED Tunable White Series

Color temperature can be changed according to scenes
Improved matching with optical components by narrow LES
Achieves high mixture of color

CITILED Tunable White
CITILED Tunable White Dot phoshor COB