Request Form for personal information

  • For security, CE only accepts Request Forms sent by postage-prepaid registered mail which encloses a) completely filled out Request Form and b) Identity Verification Documents, and addressed to the Personal Information Desk of CE. Any Request Form sent by e-mail or fax is not accepted.
  • For requests for disclosure only, 430 yen (tax included) is charged per request as the cost of disclosure. However, for requests for amendment, erasure or discontinuance of usage, there is no fee.
  • CE may contact you for more information for the purpose of handling your request.
  • If the Request Form or the Identity Verification Document received by CE is found incomplete or invalid, the set of the documents will be returned to you to be supplemented.
  • Your request will be handled within a reasonable time after receipt, and the response will be sent to you by post.
  • The personal information contained in the Request Form or other documents provided by you, including certificates, will not be used for any purpose other than for handling your request.
Request Form
Disclosure of Personal Information
Amendment of Personal Information
Discontinuance of Usage of Personal Information
Erasure of Personal Information
Power of Attorney Form