Compact Chip LED

Contributes to realization of downsized,
thinner devices with high efficacy with our original precision and package technology.

Our advanced devices support downsizing, thinning and high performance of application products.

Our original precision processing and packaging technology cultivated through wrist watch manufacturing started the process. By regarding them as our core technology, we have further constructed high level technologies such as precision molding, precision dies, optical design and collective substrate fabrication. All products are applicable for the SDM (Surface Mount Device) type. Automated mounting considerably contributes to cost reduction. We have the world's top share in production quantity thanks to our compact, high-quality and high-performance package lineup.

Multi-color LED

Three elements, R, G and B, are mounted in a single package. This product is in communication and electronic devices to be utilized in applications such as indicators, illumination and logo illumination.


High Brightness White LED

This product has high-brightness and thin packages that are suited for the light source of LCD backlights used in communication devices. This product can be used with a light guide.


Mono-color LED

This product is remarkably compact and in many sizes. Upward- and side-lighting can be selected depending on your application.


Flash LED

This product is equipped in smart phones and cell phones to illuminate the subject when shooting in the dark. Pulse lighting and full-time lighting can be selected depending on your application.